The Australian cereal market is flooded with predictability — children only eat ‘this’ and adults only eat ‘that’. Boring. Look, this is cereal was created to fill a gap in the market — why not create and package a cereal for the adventurous anybody and deliver it in an unexpected but practical way? As the product is reasonably unique, the tone of voice and the package design had to be strong and complementary to one another, personable, and appeal to every human eye, graphically speaking. The Lichtenstein-inspired illustrative style meets somewhere between child and adult — neither too grown up nor too young. Likewise, the tongue-in-cheek tone of voice is a play on commonly used phrases such as ‘look, this is serious’ and ‘for real’, and speaks directly to the consumer as ‘you’. Overall, it’s not just a product designed to look good, but also create a sense of adventure and practicality at breakfast time.