Synesthesia, a unique neurological condition involving unity of the senses, is a relatively unknown phenomenon outside of its small community. A great opportunity existed to raise its national profile and prompt synesthetes who are unaware they have synesthesia, to reach out to the synesthetic community through Synesthesia Australia. The deliverables of this campaign needed to be promotional with an educational tone of voice, and exhibit the vibrancy and complexity of the condition in the most simplistic message possible. It is designed to spark social conversation, intrigue and positive awareness, while celebrating the uniqueness and potential of the human brain. A series of three campaign posters were created to sit in both print and digital landscapes with maximum exposure to the targeted audience and public. Three of the most common and translatable types of synesthesia were chosen. I created a fun synesthesia test micro-site to drive further traffic to Synesthesia Australia’s website and increase community engagement.